Bitcoin Mining Related Fees

Bitcoin Mining Fees

Bitcoin Mining Fees when mining with G2G Miners can be broken down into 4 categories:

  • Fixed Costs
  • Recurring Costs
  • Maintenance
  • Mining Pool fees.

Fixed Costs

Price of the machine: This covers the overseas shipping, transport to the facility, and setup of the machine. Upfront Deposit: The deposit is worth 1-month hosting for your miner and will be returned at the end of your 12-month hosting contract.

Recurring Costs

Invoice for hosting (monthly): The hosting fee covers the electricity fee, facility security, customer service, and monitoring. The hosting prepayment fee will cover your first month of hosting.

Maintenance costs

Repair costs: If there is an issue with your miner, we will help you get your miners to a repair center as soon as possible. If your machine is in warranty, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the repair. However, you will need to cover the cost of the shipping to and from the repair center. If your machine is out of warranty you will have to cover the cost of repair as well as the cost of shipping to and from the repair center. (The cost for repairs may vary depending on the issue your machine is facing. Our team will provide clarity on your miner through email)

Mining Pool fees

You may also want to consider your mining pool fees. This is standard for anyone who mines bitcoin. You are able to choose the mining pool of your choice, please check with your selected mining pool regarding the related pool fees.