Following The Ukraine Conflict: Ethereum Mining Pool Ceases All Services to Russia

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BTC Mining In Russia
Russia’s invasion is “a war ending the lives of many innocent people” and thus Flexpool terminated its services to Russian customers.

The fifth-largest Ethereum Crypto Mining Pool – Flexpool – announced it will no longer provide services to customers in Russia. By doing so, the entity opposed Putin’s military operation and showed solidarity with Ukraine.

  • The mining company became the first in its field to halt its endeavors on Russian soil. This comes a day after the largest country by landmass sent military troops in Ukraine and endangered the peace in Eastern Europe.
  • Flexpool stated that it usually stands away from politics. Nonetheless, in this case, “there is a war,” and measures must be taken:

“We generally do not get involved in politics despite our personal views as a company. However, there is greater than politics, greater than anyone. This is a war that may end the world. It certainly is ending the lives of many innocent people in Eastern Europe.”

  • The mining pool revealed that affected users will receive outstanding balances. It also added it is open to welcoming the Russian users back once the dispute is resolved:

“We apologize to our Russian miners; many of you do not support the war. However, it is you who sustain your nation. Without the people, Russia cannot operate.”

  • Flexpool became the first Ethereum Crypto Mining Pool to publicly display its support towards Ukraine. “Companies and people need to put the plant over profits in the modern era,” it emphasized.
  • Another mining pool that showed solidarity with Ukraine is Hiveon. Despite saying it is “impossible to stay away from the violence,” the entity did not disclose any actions against Russian users.
  • Arguably the most renowned person from the crypto space who openly stands by Ukraine is Ethereum’s Co-Founder – Vitalik Buterin. The Russian-born programmer described Putin’s actions as a “crime against the Ukrainian and Russian people.”

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