How To Start BTC Mining

How To Start Bitcoin Mining

Here's how to start mining bitcoin.

Everyone can mine bitcoin. But not everyone realizes that. Anyone who wants to mine their own bitcoins can follow this simple five-step process with G2G Miners on How To Start Bitcoin Mining. 

Step 1

  • Visit
    The journey to start mining your own bitcoin begins here. By reading this article, you’re already in the right place!

Step 2

  • Choose an ASIC
    Browse our available ASIC mining machines. Our team is ready to assist with any of your questions. New miners can also easily connect with various communities across the industry.

Step 3

  • Select a hosting facility
    Choose where your machine will be operated from a wide range hosting catalogs. G2G places machines in mining farms all over the world. All customers know at exactly which location their machines are hashing.

Step 4

  • Join a mining pool
    Once your ASICs are installed, the G2G team will configure them to join the mining pool of your choice. For general guidelines on how to choose a mining pool, read this article.

Step 5

  • Receive bitcoin
    You’re done! By now your machines are hashing and you are mining bitcoin. Payouts from your machines will be sent by your mining pool. Always practice good operations security (OPSEC) with any amount of bitcoin you receive and store.