Procurement & Hosting Services
G2G Procurement

Trust G2G to procure the hardware critical to the success of your Bitcoin mining operation. Your objectives, your budget, our expertise.

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Hardware procurement made easy

Work directly with industry experts to clearly define your budget and capital deployment strategy so you can hit timelines to efficiently increase your hashrate under management.

Procurement Services

Our global team works to help you acquire ASICs at the best possible prices. For larger clients we offer escrow services to efficiently deploy capital and lock-in deals with small windows of opportunity.

Door-to-Door Service

G2G handles all machine testing, packaging, logistics, taxes, and associated paperwork to de-stress the last mile of the procurement process and get your ASICs to their final destination safely and securely.

Get Verified With G2G

G2G miners is a unique mining and hosting platform. By the team at HASHR8, G2G provides the optimal business development tool for mining facilities with the ultimate user experience for clients.

Why host with us?

For mining facilities, G2G bundles the marketing and sales processes to decrease overhead. We then automate administrative work and simplify client management, increasing operational efficiency.


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Hosting in 3 steps

G2G helps you fill your hosting capacity in three simple steps.

List your facility

Complete our simple questionnaire to provide facility details and photos, and obtain pre-approval in minutes.

Tell us your terms

Review and sign our MSA, and let us know how to pay you each month. Also tell us any unique requirements.

receive clients

Once your profile is live, miners will start to make bookings. We’ll ensure the onboarding process is smooth.

We Have Your Back

G2G works with facilities all over the globe. We look for professional companies that have set up world-class facilities and treat every machine like their own. After completing our facility application, our team will review your application within 24 hours.

We know it’s important for the onboarding process to be smooth and efficient. G2G allows you to set requirements for what mining equipment can be hosted in your farm.

Issues can happen, and when they do, we have your back. Our account management team will work with you and our miners to ensure there are no surprises.

  • G2G manages all customer relationships
  • We only send hardware meeting your requirements
  • Every booking is approved by someone on your team
  • Our 24/7 global customer support is ready to assist
Hosting placements made easy
Customer support

Our mining concierge manages all customer relations and customer service for you, allowing you to focus on managing your facility.

Automated administration

Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and accounting. We automate the entire process to make it simple and efficient for you and your clients.

Communication channel

Through G2G you can broadcast messages to prospective and current clients to inform them promotional offers or maintanence.